The Sky Pirate's Apprentice - Chapter 1 first one - The Love Inside - still on WIP. This one is the latest and it's more intriguing and amusing. I'm being tired and exhausted from work as I almost forgot to post this new fic (my pen name is Lady Sybelle on Then afterwards, I need a nice therapy while I playing FFIX on PS3 (but I'm still also playing XIII)...he-he-heh! Anyway...enjoy this!

Title - The Sky Pirate's Apprentice - The Leading Man Needs a Supporting Role
Rating - T (PG13) for some language. (M for future chapters)
Characters - Balthier, Vaan, slight of Fran and Ashe.
Story - Set in post-game two years later between FFXII and Revenant Wings.
Summary - A partner's illness, a vicious foe, a sinister plot and a cursed stone. It's up for the leading man and his new recruit who may not be what it seems.
Disclaimer - This fic is my idea. All Final Fantasy XII characters/plot belong to SquareEnix.
Words - 3,801
Themes - 6 barroom fights, 2 music, 3 ales, 1 diamond
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Title: The Hand We’re Dealt
Theme + Number: 017: Gamble
Claim: Balthier Bunansa/Fran
Characters/Pairings included: Random unnamed pirates
Rating: T
Warnings: None
Summary: Situations containing a drunk, gambling Balthier can never end well.

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Mod post!

Hey guys!

I know I haven't been doing mod posts or anything recently, but I am still here and dealing with the mod work. I haven't created a version of this community on Dreamwidth (yet): if you are interested in doing so, contact me and we can talk about it. This version of the community will not be shutting down.

There is a new version of one of my communities, over_look, now on Dreamwidth here. From the userinfo: "The idea is to claim an overlooked fandom, character, or pairing. You define "overlooked". If you have all of canon for a fandom, but you haven't been writing for it, that counts. If you haven't written for a fandom in ages, that counts. If you'd like to try writing a pairing you haven't tried to write before, that counts. Originally, though, it was created to promote writing about minor characters, such as Tracey or Nandi from Firefly, or fandoms that haven't had much fanfic, like The Dark Is Rising. If you think it's overlooked, by you or everyone, then go for it. And although that summary was fiction-biased, if you want to claim something and then draw for it, then that's also fine. If you want to both write and draw for your claim, that's fine too."

I hope to see you there, if you're interested!

(This is being posted to every community I mod. I apologise if you see it multiple times.)
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Lessons (Fran)

Title: Lessons
Claim: Fran
Characters/Pairings: Fran, Penelo, Vaan, Mjrn
Theme: 3. Magick, 21. Family, 22. Friends
Rating: K+
Word Count: 826
Summary: Some days, Fran can’t help but notice the similarities between Penelo and Mjrn.

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My Brother, the Traitory (1 of 36) [Noah, Basch, Solidors]

Title: My Brother, the Traitor (1 of 36)
Note: prompts 37-100 covered in two more stories that come after My Brother, the Traitor
Theme: #1. Together
Claim: Challenge - Noah+Basch, themes in order, spanning one arc.
Characters: Noah (Basch, Solidors, OCs from Landis in future parts)
Rating: T

( Same height, strong legs, sturdy hands, squared nails, freckles splattered across our cheeks, the same clouded hazel eyes. )

Differences (Fran)

Basch was actually really hard for me to write, and that was only the beginning of my problems with this fic. Hopefully, it came out well.

Title: Differences
Claim: Fran
Characters/Pairings: Fran, Basch, Ashe, Balthier, mentions of Ashe/Balthier
Theme: 2. Apart, 94. Waiting, 95. Castles in the Sky
Rating: T(?)
Word Count: 2,296
Summary: Snippets of Fran and Basch in the period from the Phon Coast to the Bahamut.

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Permanence (Fran)

Hola! This is my first post here , so I hope you enjoy it. Anyway, because Balthier plays a rather significant role in Fran's life, he will probably be in quite a few of these. That said, anything that I write here that contains Balthier may allude to this story, so... read this first.

Title: Permanence
Claim: Fran
Characters/Pairings: Fran, Balthier
Theme: 1. Together, 20. Crossroads
Rating: T
Word Count: 1,121
Summary: For her, it’s enough. For him, it’s another matter entirely.
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